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i think it would not be relevant to write this post here bt i need a help for creating a report in jet express. i have “age” field in the vendor table and i want to utilise it in a report and bring the data as per the age group. for that i need to keep a range of age from supose 10 - 20, 20 - 30 , 30 - 40 and the number of vendors must be totalled …need help

I have the same problem. I do the same thing to create a table showing how weakened a person after a dieta rapida!
Thank you!

are u giving me a solution or problem :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you can extract the relevant data from vendor master in Jet Express.

Can pivot the table according your requirement.

Are u having any issue in extracting data or pivot the excel sheet ?

no there is no problem in extracting the data. but in my report i need the age group like 10-20 ,20-30 and so on… and i need to count the total number of vendors in this age group. how can i do this…?? if the age group was 10 and its total no. of vendors and so on , it would have been easy but …i need to count the number of vendors like above age group so i am getting the problem

This can be achieved by pivoting(standard feature of MS Excel) the data in excel.

Put a filter for the age group…

I also have the same problem…i will generate the age of an item in Nav base on the posting date where purchase date has an inventory of greater than 0, and the aging inventory will determine the age of an item whether it is:over 60 days, 15-30 days, 30-60 days, and so on until 360 days…

The problem with me is i would have to get the total quantity and amount per purchase date, in a single line…how could i do it?need help

Which version of Jet Reports do you use? The free express or a payed version like essentials?

Using the express version it will be hard to get the data. You can only create a pivot-table using the tablebuilder. You have to know a lot about pivot functions in excel.

Using the essentials version it should be easy. You can simply use the NL-command. I’ll explain it, if you own a payed license.

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For germans: Besucht meinen Jet Reports Blog

Yes explain to me please our company has a license Jet essential…

What is the possible reason why my report in Jet report hung up every time i run it,is it possible that the Microsoft Navision is in use and simultaneously i am running my report while the employee is Posting some items,is it possible cause I’m doing it in live,not in testing database…Pls…reply…

Getting the inventory value is easy:

=NL(“Sum”;“Item Ledger Entry”;“Remaining Quantity”;“Item No.”;“4711”;“Posting Date”;“1.1.1…31.1.1”;“Remaining Quantity”;"<>0")

A bit harder is getting the amount. Because Navision do not save the value for the “Remaining Quantity”. You can get the values with some calculation in hidden columns, but be careful. If your cost amount for an item changes often, than the values are possibly wrong.

I wrote a Blog Post for this aging report. You can download an example report at the end of the blog post (JetReports-Artikelbestand-Aging.xls). The formulars and field names are english, so it should work for you. You’ll find a lot of description in the the blog post as well, but I already did not translate it.

Regards from germany