Creating G/L Entry Report w/ total by account code.

Hi Guys,

I need some help. Could you give me some idea on how to create the total fields of the G/L reports segregated by account code. Please example below.

Section Body-

Code Account Name Deb Amt Cre Amt

1001 aaaaaaa 1000

1002 bbbbbbb 1000

1001 aaaaaaa 500

1002 bbbbbbb 500

Section Footer-


1001 aaaaaaa 1500

1002 bbbbbbb 1500

Total field should look like this one. Is this possible guys?

Thank you in advance.


Create report with G/L Entry wizard and group it by Account No.

Add G/L Entry2 dataitem before the above G/L Entry and copy the header and body fields from G/L Entry to G/L Entry2 sections.

delete G/L Entry header and body sections…

Hi Mohana,

Thank you for help. In grouping by Account No. Is it in the properties of the G/L Entry2 >> GroupTotalFields?

Could I still possibly get the total amount in the footer section of yhe G/L Entry2 per Account Code?

Thank you in advance.

Grouping shd be done on Second GLentry dataitem

Hi Mohana,

Thank you so much. It helps a lot finish my reports. :slight_smile:

Welcome [:D]

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