Creating custom Actions for Action Pane Buttons

Hi Guys,

I’ve created a new Action Pane by customizing the Customer front end and meaningfully named it for our company.

I would like to put two buttons on that Action Pane, each to run files I’ve created externally to the program extracting information from the SQL back end, i.e.:

press button1 > run a file on the system which extracts the Sell_To Customer No_ from that entry

If I try and and add an action, I only have a finite numnber in my list, is it possible to create new one’s? If so, how does one add them to this list for use with an Action Pane button?

Many thanks in advance,


You can view the Actions on a Page by going to a blank line in the Page and clicking View → Actions. Every action can be Promoted by setting the Promoted property to yes. I don’t believe there is a limit to the number of actions you can add, but you will run out of screen space eventually.

Hopefully I’m not misunderstanding what you are going for.

Hi Matt,

I can add actions no problem, I’ll explain a little more:

Customer Card > Customize This Page > Click on Action Pane > Click on Add to add an action which gives me a list as per this screenshot here.

What I would like to know is how to add to this list, i.e. create a new action that I can then apply to the action pane button I’d like to have on it.

This new action I would like to have control of to so that when the button is pressed, in runs a file I have created.

Thanks in again in advance,


You have to do that when designing the page, mentioned in the above response. Users cannot create their own custom actions, just choose what to show / hide / move based on what is already there.

Hi Matt,

If I can’t create my own actions, is it possible to place buttons on forms (using the designer in classic) which then translate into the main inteface?

I’ve tried adding a button on the demo Customer form, it did not show. This functionality is crucial to my project i.e. press a custom drilldown button on a page (Say Purchase Invoices as an example) and in doing so query the SQL database for information on that page > passing these as parameters or writing to an external file?

Thank you again,


Hi Pete,

basically Matt already told you what to do to add a new action to the customer page:

  1. Open the Classic Client

  2. Open the Object Designer

  3. Choose “Page”

  4. Search for your page (e.g. 21 - Customer Page)

  5. Click Design.

  6. Go to the first blank line (= select the last line and then point the cursor one line below so that you have the asterix-sign on the left)

  7. Select “View->Actions”

  8. Choose the right position and insert a new action pointing to the function you want to call.

  9. Save & Exit.