Creating a Project using x++

Hi all

How to create for project in Project management and accounting Module using x++

AX version?

Thanks for your reply kranthi…AX 2012 R3

For reference see, \Classes\smmProjectCreate\createSingleProject

You can find more examples with the cross references help.

yeah i looking on that class it’s little bit confusion. please forward u have any code kranthi.

Thanks for advance

I don’t have any example on hand. You just have to spend some time in understanding the code.
You can also search in web for examples. Simple search and i found this example,

Thank you so much kranthi for giving replay…

Standard AX has many examples, you just have to understand them and apply in your case.

Can you give more information.
Which object types (table,classes etc.) you want in project ?

Pashant, its not about creating a development project. It is about creating projects in projects module.