Creating a new Prospect through ODATA in D365 using PostMan

Hi to all,

I’m trying to create a new prospect through ODATA using postman.

I’ve noticed that I can create the prospect only if I pass the ProspectId value to the call in the body.

My question is:

Shouldn’t be D365 to assign a new prospect number to it?

I think that the call to the dataentity should be done in this way without to pass the prospectid value:

and the body:

“ProspectName”: “MyName”,
“BusinessSegmentCode”: “value1”,
“ProspectSearchName”: “value2”,
“PrimaryPhoneNumber”: “xxxxxxxxxx”,
“CurrencyCode”: “EUR”,
“ProspectPartyType”: “Person”,
“ProspectRelationTypeId”: “Prospect”,
“PrimaryEmailAddress”: "name.surname@domainname

and why if I try to update the ProspectName I can’t?
If I try to perform a PATCH calling the dataentity in this way:
I can update fields but not the ProspectName.

Thanks in advanced.