creating a new project on Axapta Dynamic


My question is that; how to create a new project in Axapta Dynamics?

Thanks your attention

What do you mean by project? A development project in AOT? A Visual Studio project in AOT? A project in Project Management module? Or something else?

A development project in AOT :slight_smile:

The easiest way is to press Ctrl+Shift+P to open Projects window (at least in AX2009 and AX2012). Then right-click either Private or Shared node and choose New > Project.

Your AX license must allow development and you must have appropriate permissions in AX.

Thank you very much and sorry for a late answer :slight_smile:


To open a new project in AX2012:

Step 1: Ctrl+Shift+P (To open Projects window)

Step 2: Right Click Shared —> New —> Project.
Step 3: Will open a new project now…!!!


Step 2: Right Click Private—> New —> Project.

(The main difference in Selecting private is you cannot Share your project to others. it can be secured.)