creating a new extra column


i want to create a extra column for already existing table and how can i populate that column vales in ax 2012?

please help me…:slight_smile:

You’ll definitely need Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for Developers.

New fields are usually created by dragging an extended data type to a table in AOT.

How to populate a field depends on how you want to populate it. It may be set by users, from a number sequence or by your own code.


Thanks for reply , But i am not want to create extra field , I want to create extra column for suppose i have student table in that i have studentid , Name columns I created table . after that i want to create extra column in the form.with out going to can i do that? please reply me

Sorry, I didn’t know at all that you were talking a about a form. It will help if you’re more specific.

So you want to add an existing field to an existing grid control in a form? Again, it’s documented, e.g. in How to: Add Fields to a Details Form. You can use your favourite search engine to find the documentation.

Hii…Martin Any how Thank u so much for u r time and reply…:slight_smile: