Creating a Kit in the Item Card?

I’m a newbie to Navision, but I think this question is best put into Supply chain-if not please let me know! We’ve got rev. 4 of Navision and just implemented the end of last year. My question is on the Item Card. Is there any way to create a “Kit” Item (that would be a top level p/n) that includes various other Items that are all coming out of the same warehouse? Thanks for your help.

In the Item Card click the Item menu button and select “Assembly List”, then “Bill of Material”. There you can add the subscribing items for your KIT. (Do that at the item number you want to you for the Kit item itself.)

Just to add, you will then need to use BOM journals to assemble the kit, and you can either sell the top level kit or explode the components onto the sales order. Once restriction is you cannot use lots and serial numbers within BOM journals, so I hope you are not.

Another way would be to use the “Std. Sales Codes” which just keep the items “together” but are not an “Item No.” in the item card. The support for this is still poor, but I guess you will find enough information when you search in the Navision Online Help.