creating a form consists of multiple table form

Dear All, I would like to ask you about how to connect some table forms available in a form. Basically, I created a form, consists of 3 tabs in a tab control and 4 table form in the first tab and 3 table form in the second and thirds tabs, so there are some table forms in the tab control. The table will shows anything relate to production order. I have set a filter field in the above of tab control. The form has source table that is production order line. Can all table forms have different source table ? How to connect the table forms ? Anyhelp from you are welcome. tks beforehand. Rgds, Mark

Dear Mark, Please, state more clearly what you mean under “table form” This would really help answering your question. Are you talking about a Grid Control? If true, you can specify the DataSource Property for each grid independently.