Creating a account statement for every vendor in system AX 2009

I need some help here. I’m trying to create files in Vendor’s account statement report for every vendor in our database. Actually what you can do it’s run the account statement report (to a file) and would do it for all the vendors in one single file, and I’m looking for a process or something out there that makes a file for every vendor (with the information only specific to it obviously) so this file can be send to this vendor.

Anyone has done this before? any ideas?


Randall C.

Creating a seperate report or file for every vendor would need a customization. I would have a developer look into adding that option to the session.

i think you can generate a report in AP module > Reports> Base data > Vendors list or vendors base data and vendor transactions.

Thanks Karin, I’m sorry for my ignorance here, but what do you mean by “adding that option to the session”?

Hi Randall, I just meant that you would have to customize the vendor statement session so that you have an option to create separate files for every vendor. There are a number of ways a developer can approach this (adding an extra check box to the existing session, making a copy of the session and change the copy to create separate files instead of a report, creating a complete new session) - you should give your requirements to a developer and let them determine the best way to do this.

Hope this clarifies it :slight_smile:

Thanks Karin, problem is our developers are still in the learning process so we can’t really find out the way :frowning: