CreatedTransactionId Property

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In SalesLineTable Properties–> CreatedtrancstionId .it by defaultly set as NO.

when am seting as Yes,In the database we r getting a new column CreatedTransactionId upto now am ok.

and when am creating a new sales order it will giving one Transaction id.but when am creating new sales Order it will giving new id ok.Now my Questions are

  1. these Transaction Id’s are not cumming sequence. WHy? for example SO-100100 —>567890


2.All the Transactionid’s are stored in any place ?

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hai anybody plz give reply for this post

As you assume, I don’t think you can compare the transactionId with a straightforward number sequence.

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as of i know each sales line or purchase line is considered one transaction.Then why the transaction id’s are not generated in sequence.

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CreatedTransactionId property is enabled when your table has the TableGroup property set to Transaction.-best practice



This field contains information about which transaction created the record.