Create the position, position hierarchy in X++ code

i am new to HRMS create the Position,position hierarchy in ax 2012 X++ code.

Look at the cross references, you may find some examples in standard

Tahnks Karthi,

i tried to create the position hierarchy create position it automatically position is created,form is newly created position showing.can any one explain the process?

May I know your requirement


my requirement is i am going to implement HRM module
step 1:I am able to create employee master.
Step2:i need to import the organization all designation(Position)
Step3:i need to import the organization all designation(Department,Job,Position) hierarchy detials
will you able to guide me? i m workin ax2012 r3 cu10

Thanks in advance.

Use the DMF, employee and postition and position hierarchy entity.

i don’t have any idea about DMF…

How will u import the values(Ex…using excel.,etc)

Look at this examples…/

excel,csv format

Try learning it.…/user-guide-dixf