Create report of several tables

I create reports in Excel. Therefore I export data from AX like this:

Open AX report dialog

Print to file (.txt)

Import .txt in Excel

Strip all unneccesary data

Create nice graphs

sometimes I need to combine data from several tables, like the sales orders and current stock to compare these two. I do this by impoirting both .txts in Excel and do some Excel INDEX() functions and stuff.

However, I need to add a new table, but AX has no standard dialog/report for it. I need to have a table with Sales Order number and picking status. But these data are stored in two different tables and AX has no standard report with this data. So I need to create it myself. But how to do this? I can’t find any tutorials about this, and if I search, I only find form posts where people use scripts ( I think that’s X++ or so?)

So, can anybody point me in the right direction how I can export information from two tables combined? How can I create this query?

Please always tell us what version of AX you use - creating reports in AX 3 and AX 2012, for example, is completely different and you could also use the Excel add-in in AX 2012.

I am sorry, I thought the tags (where I filled in AX 2009) were visible with my post :slight_smile:

I can think about following options for AX 2009:

If you really want to use MorphX reports, printing to txt files etc. and you want to create new reports, the documentation is MorphX Reporting Tools. If you do it manually anyway, you could simply create a form grid with your data and copy data to Excel (that’s a standard feature).

Thanx! I also read something about SSRS but we don’t have SSRS Set-up, unfortunately.

First I want to try with the things I have (standard AX set-up) before I propose to buy add-ons.

The outcome must be a report with these elements:
Sales order - items on sales order - current stock for these items - production orders that can meet the demand if there is no stock

Now I export the sales order .txt, the current stock .txt and production orders.txt in to Excel and I compare the data. The best solution would be to do this directly in AX and just show the report inside AX instead of external software.

I think MorphX is the only solution when I don’t want to buy add-ons…will take a look at that, thanks!

Atlas is the only tool you have to pay for; Business Data Lookup is open-source.

It definitely can be done in AX; the question is what is the easiest way for you to meet your particular requirements. You should also look at features already included in AX, namely Master Planning.

I saw it! Thanx for mentioning that.

Yes, I agree that (if we use AX the right way) that what I want is not needed. This can be seen as a ‘quick-fix’ :wink:

My focus is now on the MorphX report, because if we can use that right (we’ve done that in the past) all my exporting-stuff to Excel is unneccesary if I can export the right data the first time. I will also look at the snap-in you mentioned for other purposes.

Now I have some reading to do about AOT and MorphX :wink:

One good tip regarding MorphX reports (especially when you’re new to them) is using the wizard (Tools > Development Tools > Wizards > Report Wizard). You can use it to quickly generate a base for your report and also to learn some features by observing what the wizard generated for you.