Create physical inventory journal error in NAV 2013 R2

At the time of clicking creating physical inventory calculation button I got the Error message like

Item tracking defined for item No. [M0328F0007] in the Item Journal Line accounts for more than the quantity you have entered. You must adjust the existing item tracking and then reenter the new quantity.

Kindly provide the answer .


Kindly provide a little more details!

What is the context? I assume this does not happen with all entries? What is different with this line/item no. from your other lines/items? Item tracking is a rather complex functional area. It’s tightly build into the reservation functionality, which is similar complex. And if not used “correctly”, then I have seen many troubles in using it. I just thought that most of the bugs where fixed in NAV 2013 R2, as this error was common in NAV 2009. Here a hotfix issued related to setting the Preset Output Quantity value to Zero on All Operations in the Manufacturing Setup dialog box.

Did you try to adjust the existing item tracking and entered the new quantity as suggested? And what happened? Did it fix it? I assume not, otherwise you would not have asked in this forum. But what did you try to fix this problem, before writing your question? Knowing that would be helpful, if you like us to provide you with the answer.

Also kindly understand that DUG is not a free support site, if that’s what you’re looking for, then there are partners and Microsoft who for payment can provide you with the answer.

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