Create One Cheque for multiline voucher

Hi All,

I want to create one check for a multiline voucher, is it possible?

If it is possible, what do i need to do or set-up?


Without looking I know it must be possible. Where is it not working for you?

Issuing a check for multi line voucher - using generate payments - i don’t think you can do that.

Can you able to put your entry…

Yes you can put all your entries in one voucher, but the problems is when you generate payments to create the check what the system want is that, one line only together with the offset account which is the bank.


You would have one line on the payment journal allocated to multiple transactions with the payment method set to total, if it is set to invoice you are telling it to produce a cheque per invoice. You want one payment line, multiple allocations.

I really doubt the possibility of your entry.

Can you post your entry- with an example…


No. I was asking the poster to put his entry[:)]

Oh well here is mine, one payment line, multiple applied entries!

Multiple line entry actually for miscellaneous payment such as utility bills. In our old system when we pay our telephone bills our entry to generate payment are:

Telephone expense - Selling & Distribution (dr) 100

Telephone expense - General & Admin (dr) 100

Employees A/R (dr) 50

Bank Account (cr) 250

and we generate check for 250. IS THIS POSSIBLE TO AX? IF YES, when set-up or parameter it requires.


To whom you are going to make this payment?

I don’t think you can do this transaction…

I agree with Kranthi, it makes no sense. If you had two transactions to the telephone vendor this could be one payment line, but you are presumably creating the expsense transaction here. If I was you I would talk to an accountant about this.

Thanks Kranthi & Adam, I am an Accountant anway, thats why I am working more on functional.

Well maybe ur right also, i need to talk to an accountant who has functional expertise with AX.

I believe that transaction do really have a sense coz it was being carried out in the previous ERP.

But of course shifting to another is somehow we have to change some procedure in that case.

Are you saying Brian that in the previous system you could draw a cheque for $250 where $200 goes to the telephone company and $50 to the employe HOW could that possibly work?

Bill from telephone company was $250 upon analysis 200 of which goes to expense and 50 to be charge against employee.

The 250$ check draw in favor of the telephone company.

It is usual accounting transaction entry.

I would argue the second allocation is a separate step, but that does not mean software systems do not do it, however to my knowledge there is no way AX can automate this, I would doubt any system could automate it unless it was a fixed allocation. The rest is simply how you manually allocate the expense, the liability is to the telephone company, this is one liability and therefore one cheque - what you need to do is split the offset.