Create multiple Purchase Orders from a single RFQ

I had a question earlier regarding Create multiple Purchase Orders from a single Purchase Requisition

When I talked to our end users they said they use RFQ aswell so my new question is:

How had we use Purchase Requisition > RFQ and create multiple Purchase Orders?


  1. The purchase dept creates a single Purchase Requisition for sereval items.

  2. Then approves the PR.

  3. Clicking Functions > Request for Quote

  4. Select some of the items and proceed to create RFQ.

  5. They later return to the PR and want to create RFQ for some other or all remaining items but the on the functions - RFQ selection is greyed out.

Is it possible i standard AX to create several RFQ from a single PR?


Hi Stephanie,

Were you able to create multiple RFQs from a single Purchase Requisition?

I have the same situation with our purchasing department and as far as I’ve seen, you can just create one RFQC per Purch Requsition.



Multiple RFQs can be created only when you have multiple lines in Your PR. If you have line1 and line2 in your PR then you can create RFQ1 to have item1 and RFQ2 to have item2.

If your requirement is same as above, then when you click “Create request for quotation” a form appears, then select only the first item and process it. similar next time you click second item and process it.

Hi Santosh,

We are using Purchase Requisition with Workflow, and the problem here is that if I have for example a Purchase Requisiton with 10 lines, and I want to create an RFQC (case) with the first 5 lines because the items are related (let’s say water pumps different sizes), I click Functions → Request for quote, a form appears and I check those 5 items and click OK. When I click OK AX creates the RFQC and the form disappears and the Functions-> Request for quote button in the Purchase Requisition form is disabled. So, I’m not able to create another RFQC for the other 5 lines (tires for example).

Right now our users send all items to a single RFQC, and they have to add all kind of vendors for the different items and when they “Send” the RFQC they have to be splitting vendors and lines and takes too much work to do it.



It must work fine, what version of AX you are using?, and any customizations causing this?

Hi Santosh,

I’m using AX 2009 RU8, no customizations on that particular form. If you can send me a task recorder with the process I will be grateful.

My email is



Hi Ricardo,

You can’t do this in AX2009. It will be available only in AX2012. May be you can try that in AX2012 and if it works fine as per your requirement, your developer can copy the code with efforts.