Create mailbody with multiple lines

I try to create a e-mail through the MAPI OCX. My problem is how to make a newline after each line in the body. In the code sample below I’d like to make a carriage return after MailMessageLine1 so that MailMessageLine2 will be on a new line. Is this possible? MAPIMessages.MsgNoteText := Mail.MailMessageLine1 + Mail.MailMessageLine2; Thanks. Fredrik

In Word and Excel automation, a line break can be achieved with VAR cr: Char; cr := 13; someObject.Text := Text1 + FORMAT(cr) + Text2; I’d guess that this will also work for e-mails, but it remains to be verified experimentally [:)] Maybe you will have to insert a CR/LF pair, in which case you need to add VAR lf: Char; lf := 10; and then insert FORMAT(cr) + FORMAT(lf) into the text.

I did not before try with both 10 and 13, which was the solution. Many thanks Xorph!