Create List Panel in Form without Relation Table

Hi All,

I have created form using List Panel Like User Group. I followed the steps with below links.—Working-with-Data-in-Forms—Building-selected-or-available-lists.aspx.

I used SysListPanelRelationTableCallback Class to constrcut the Design Panel side. But i want to create without relation and without Tab.

For Example, I just want to simply Insert all Items in right side → left side without realted to BuyerGroup.

What do you mean by that?
If it’s meaningful to take values defined in the table on the right side and put them to the table ion the right side, there clearly is logical relations between these tables.

Ok. Actually I handled InventTable in right side and created a new Table which is used in left side. Then why not possible as per your last msg?

Please elaborate what you mean by “why not possible as per your last msg”. It’s not clear what you did and what kind of problem you had with it, so it’s impossible to give you any explanation without more information from you.

Actually the said Link in thread, two methods are there. One is for showing in right side(InventTable), another method is for left side(NewTable).

This is not enough for List panel?

It requires much more than just two methods - you need underlying tables, to initialize SysListPanelRelationTable object properly and so on.