Create Interaction

Creating an Interaction gives a fault when Word is already open

I select the type of interaction, and I fill in all required fields.I click next, and again next, All fields are replaced for the values (Company name, contacts name).Now my template is ready, it is now a letter.

So far no problem.

But when Word (2007) is already open I get the fault that the document cannot be found and I have to choose to find the file and other options (soory but I have to translate it from Dutch to english and that is difficult.Can someone tell me what to do?



Hi Paul,

I find no such errors when I attempt to do the same as you have mentioned above. Is the error abive reproducible on a standard NAV? What version of NAV are you using… I tested on version 5 on Word 2007.

Hi Jordi,

Thanx in advance. Our version is NL 4.00 SP3. I don’t know what you mean by "is the error above reproducable on a standard NAV.


What I am saying is that I cannot reproduce this error. Try to isolate the problem, to determine if this is a MS word problem or a problem with NAV. Try this on several other workstation to see if the error is consistent.

It is a MS Word problem. The problem occures only on two workstations. The others users do not have any problems.

If it is a MS word problem, not much we can do. you could try to reinstall ms word, and hope for the best. or change workstations.