Create an invoice for credit due from vendor

Hello all,

I have a vendor that owes me some settlement money (not related to a product return) and they are requesting that I send them an invoice.

Is there any way to do this without setting them up also as a customer?


(NAV 5.0)

Create a credit memo using G/L account

Thanks for the reply Amol. I do know how to create a credit memo; what I need is a bill. I can white out the words “credit memo” at the top of the page and type “Invoice” on there instead. [:)]

If it’s a vendor and they owe you money you apply a credit memo to their account in your system. I believe that’s what he is referring to.

Did you just make a credit memo purchase journal entry and now they are asking for a bill?
A journal entry can’t produce a printable bill or credit.

We also send vendors copies of credit memo’s that have been applied their account. (that should be enough in my opinion) but if they are simply looking for a “piece of paper” you can make a phoney bill…

purchases & payables - create an credit memo.

enter the vendor in question. Type “Account g/l” - select a g/l account - enter a qty “1” - type in a description for the charge you want.

then go to post->test report (don;t post). Does the test report show you everything they are looking for? If so print it out and send them that. then just delete the phoney credit memo you just created.

Last note: I would put on the credit memo a note like" Your account is in a Credit Balance - Please pay this Credit Memo back in the form of a check"