Create a Total from a Field in a table

Hello, how can i create a total from a field in a table. I found the calcsums function, but i think this only works for a view and not to make ongoing calculations. Because calcums returns a boolean and what i want is that i returns the total.

Any Idea?

Hello Pablo;

how you tried…

Create a field in a table and make its property as Flow field and write calc formula for which field you want to find the total and declare the same field in sumindex fields in Keys window …

like that did you try…

Hi Pablo,

The CALCSUMS function actually returns a Boolean of whether it was able to calculate the sum of the field. If for example you are calculating the sum of the SalesInvLine.CALCSUMS(Amount) a Boolean would be returned if the function worked and the variable SalesInvLine.Amount would now contain the calculated sum. One point of note is that the field you want to sum must be included as a SumIndexField in the table key that the record is currently using.

Here is a link to the online help for a more concise explanation