country specific patch!

Hi, I’m having problems applying a country specific patch on Axapta 3.0 SP4. I copy the files:


2005-11-04 14:19 7 829 218 axdis.aod 2005-11-04 14:19 2 048 axDISen-us.alc 2005-11-04 14:19 8 475 axDISen-us.ald 2005-11-04 14:19 8 192 axDISen-us.ali 2005-11-04 14:19 2 048 axDISsv.alc 2005-11-04 14:19 8 282 axDISsv.ald 2005-11-04 14:19 8 192 axDISsv.ali

to the location “\Axapta Application\Appl\Standard” and then start Axapta and Axapta start processing the files (Building index axapd.aoi). But it later fails with the message: “Other users are running Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta” this is of course not the case, I’ve made sure of that! So what can I do to fix this? Axapta 3.0 SP4 on 2003 Server SP1 with Terminal Services installed! regards Frank

Frank, As you have found out by now, the error has nothing to do with users running Axapta - it is caused by Axapta not have enough access rights to the application files. First step is to make sure that the files you have copied to your Appl/Standard directory are not “Read Only” - this can happen when copying the files from a CD. If that does not solve the problem, have a look at the error message - it should display “ax???.aod” in the title - that should give you a hint on where to start your investigation. Cheers, H. Jaeger Edenbrook Ltd