Counting doesn't count picked material as Onhand Qty

Dear All,

I need your opinion for this:

The on hand stock on 30 August is 1000.

I have picked 100 qty on 31 August.

When I created counting journal for this material on 31 August, the on hand generated by system is 900. Meaning, system doesn’t treat the picked qty as on hand stock. In other cases, when I use reserve function (not picked but reserved), system still treat those as on hand.

The question is:

Is this standard behaviour of AX?

Is there any setup/ configuration so system count the picked status material?

In real world cases, sometimes customer uses picked function because they want to seclude the stock for preparing to pack (Delivery Order). Instead, the customer still count the stock as on hand because she doesn’t pack it yet. It’s though decision to replace picking function with another, because some modification has already done in packing (Delivery Order) function. This case results the posibility dicrepancy between counted stock vs on hand system. Which the dicrepancy was not actually occured, just because the different logic beetwen actual application of picking function and the way system treats the picked qty.

Thanks for everyone for willing to share their opinion.


Picked in which sense - i.e picked for production means it is consumed from on hand.

Which version of AX?

WHS if sales order?

Dear Adam,

Picked = Inventory Picking (not picking list production) which update InventTrans Issue Status into “Picked”

On AX 2012 R2

Thank you for your response…


So lets say from a sales order - what is the transaction you are picking from and HOW are you doing this? WHS, sales order picking note etc.

Dear Adam,

Yes, one of my scenarios was sales order. Precisely, I use pick function from button: Inventory → Pick. This button which available on many forms, such as: Sales order lines, Inventory journals, Production Picking list, etc.

Step by step one of my cases (this one from inventory journal movement):

Let’s assume today date is 03 Sept 15.

  • Created journal movement and entry line journal. Date 04 Sept 15 (so we can see the different between Inventory Date with Expected date on form: Inventory transaction).
  • Before posting, clicked button Inventory → Pick on form: Inventory journal line. System seems to use today date on Inventory Date. “Expected date” shows the date on 04 Sept 15. “Status Issue” shows value: “Picked”. You can check it on form: Inventory transaction. And if you checked Inventory transaction, system didn’t have voucher, neither physical nor financial (the journal hasn’t posted yet).
  • Before posting, created journal Counting. Then, clicked button: Create → On hand. Used parameter: Site (checked), Warehouse (checked), with As on date: 03 Sept 15, also filtered one item for this scenario. After generating, system show qty on hand which has been minus by picked qty.
  • For extended scenario, then posted Inventory journal movement above (with Date on journal line: 04 Sept 15, but picked on today date which’s 03 Sept 15).
  • Showed form Inventory transaction, system displayed “Issue status” as “Sold”, Physical and financial date on 04 Sept 15, but field “Inventory date” still displayed 03 Sept 15 (I assumed that it is caused of picking on today date - 03 Sept 15).
  • After posting, created new journal counting. Then, Create → On hand again. Used the same parameter, with As on date 03 Sept 15. After generating, system show qty on hand which has been minus by picked qty. Even, the Physical date on InventTrans was 04 Sept 15.
  • Therefore, I concluded that system uses Inventory date on form Inventory Transaction, instead using Physical date when generating Counting journal. System also shows qty on hand which has been minus by picked qty, even system doesn’t generate voucher financial nor physical. This one can cause imbalance between qty Inventory on hand VS amount Inventory on TB.

Is there any option on Inventory Counting journal that affecting system doesn’t deduct on hand qty as picked qty?

If you process the register step in a pick it has gone, because of the way it is processed from there. It is that simple, the registration is a physical indicator it is no longer on-hand.