Costing Methods Impact on GL Accounts in Navision


can any one tell me

how can we identify the costing methods impact on the GL accounts in navision?

what is the procedure to change the costing method?

please help



I believe that the costing methods are to update item card unit cost it has no impact on GL accounts…

GL accounts are only posted through value entry… The amount that you are invoicing (sale/purchase) will have affect on GL account.


Dear Anil,

can you please tell me the complete procedure for change in costing methods


costing methods can only be allocated at the time of item creation… once you use the item for inventory… when the ILE is created… the costing method can not be changed… navision will not recommend changing the costing method after you create and post transactions…

However after saying this there are few work arounds that i have to change the costing method.

but firstly i don’t recommend the workarounds either.


The costing method is what determines the values on the Value Entry. So, therefore, it does have an impact on the GL postings.

Hi babrown,

well that is what i mentioned as well…

"I believe that the costing methods are to update item card unit cost it has no impact on GL accounts…"

So we both are on the same Page :slight_smile:

I believe you stated that it has NO impact on the GL. I’m saying yes it does.

Oh yes… but she asked changing costing methods… it updates the value entry and value entry does have impact on gl account… so costing method defined once can not be changed… that is what i mean…

to tell u technically costing method has impact on value entry… that is it… after that costing method is not bothered to see what happens to my gl account… so it is value entry which has impact on GL accounts…!

Hope i am clear…!

I guess we will just agree to disagree on this.

Yes, Value Entry does impact the GL. But the costing method is what determines the values in Value Entry. Not just once, but thru the life of the system. So a change in costing method can impact those values.

Yup… may it is just the point of view… so it ok for me to agree with you…


Is Item have already entries posted and is those entries are open ?

By month end some of the entries will be posted. and some or still open…

I still don’t suggest changing the costing method for that item…

create a new item with new costing method… block the old item now… adjust the inventory and then use the new item code from now on for desired costing method.

also suggest inform client that costing method can only be set at the time of creation of item card… but not after posting transaction…

if i were you i would not bare any body to change the costing method under any situation

again… apologies if i am harsh… but protocol should not be neglected that is what helps ERP to facilitate… proper integration between several functional areas