Costing Issue in Adjust Cost - Item Entries in NAV 4.0 SP1

We ran NAV 4.0 SP 1 for a trading company. There is no manufacturing, just purchase inbound and sales outbound, and some internal transfer order. The costing method is Average Costing. Normally we leave the initial unit cost equal to zero or 0.01 when the end user create new item card.
Inventory Setup
Automatic Cost Posting = YES, Expected Cost Posting to G/L = YES

Now I have an issue as following:
After running ACIE batch job, some acutal cost didn’t show up in the field Cost Amount(Actual) in Item Ledger Entry with Entry Type = Sales. Acutally for this item, its related sales and purchase invoice are all posted. So I think ACIE must generate the cost adjustment entry to show the COGS. But it did not as expected.

During the batch running, there is an exception, i.e. we got the error message that is “*** entry have existed in table 5804 Avg. Cost Adjmt. Entry Point”. I forget that its exact description… I delete all the records in table 5804. I am not sure if there is any impact of the action. If any, how can I recover it?

As I know there are some tables and field related to ACIE batch job, but not quite sure of their relation and trigger point.

table 5804 Avg. Cost Adjmt. Entry Point
Item Application Entry
Item. “Cost is Adjusted” Item.“Allow Online Adjustment”
“Item Ledger Entry”.“Applied Entry to Adjust”
“Value Entry”.“Valued By Average Cost”
“Value Entry”.Adjustment

My question is:
If now I make sure of all sales/purchase invocie are posted and the ACIE didn’t generate the adjustment entry. How can I judge when the adjustment entry will be trigger, or can I modify some specific above fields or insert/modify the above releated table to let ACIE re-running to generate the expected adjustment entries.

Thanks very much in advance.

You can try this step in test database before doing it in live database

  1. Go to Inventory setup

  2. set the Automatic cost Adjustment as Never just for safetly.

  3. change the Average Cost calc. type ( if your original setting is item then make it to Item & location & variant), (if it is item & location & variant then item)

  4. system will prompt to run the adjustment routine, ignore the message

  5. change back the original setting of Average Cost calc. type

  6. set the Automatic cost Adjustment as original setting

  7. now run the inventory adjustment routine, it will work perfectly


I am doing the same process.

My original Avg cal. type was item,location and varient. I changed that to item and then into the previous one.

But whenever I rerun the AICE batch job It is giving me the error " Another user has modified the record for this avg cost adjustment entry point after you retrive it from database".

What shall I do now.




Anybody can help me on the same!!!

U shudn’t have deleted the data from Entry point… table, NAV does that by itself and it is for Average Costing Method. I think that this shud work, Try this on test db first

Post a positive adjustment for all items with minimum qty possible e.g. .001 with minimum cost .001. But the posting date for this entry should be the date when you started your database. Means fill in the oldest date for posting these entries. Make sure you have “Never” selected in your Automatic Cost Adjustment option.

And Prasenjit u shud wait let the original poster come with findings.

Mast reply dete ho.