Cost price on movement journal

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Currently am using a weighted average costing method. When I am trying to create a movement journal , the cost price field is deactivated & the system calculated cost price is automatically getting populated in that field but am unable to change the cost price. Kindly explain the reason & also the solution on how to change the cost price if I want to.

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In movement journals, if you are doing a transaction with -ve qty you can’t edit the cost price as Issue cost will be decided by the system.

If you do +ve quantity then it gives you the provision to enter at what cost that you are booking the receipt.

Hi, Santosh

I’m facing a problem which is the cost price didn’t retrieved automatically in the Vermont journal screen

It will take the cost, post it and see. Your “cost” not taken will depend upon many things, but ultimately that is the current average cost . It will adjust to more specifics like the financially controlled dimensions configured upon posting (or inventory recalc)

In movement journal line if you are posting items system will automatically calculate the weighted average and will update the cost price of that item . System calculates the actual cost based on costing principle when you run the inventory recalculation or closing and will show the adjusted amount in the ledgers as adjustment entries . So no worries !