Cost not posted to GL

Hello guys,

i have some costs on the VLE are not posted to GL, however the the Cost posted to GL field on the item card is checked (also the cost is adjusted field is checked)

please see the word file below.

i am sorry if preparing the issue i word might be inconveniant to you, but that was the request of Microsoft as i reported to them, and it’s very hard to write the issue twice

8304.Cost not Posted to GL.doc (542 KB)

Looking forward to hear from you guys



I am sure MS will want to screen share, it is difficult to say anything from some screenshots - my guess would be the fields are incorrectly set.

So have you run the adjust cost item and post inventory costs to GL up to date?

Of course there is also the possibility this is directly related to the financial year issue you had when the inventory was revalued when you restructured the fiscal year - this will depend upon your average cost setting i would guess, but it may also be a bug and this is related to that one.

hello Adam,

i am not sure what screen share means (they was fine with the file and they are checking it), what do u mean “fields are incorrectly set”?

and yes as i said the both the Cost is adjusted and Cost is Posted to GL fields are checked on the item card which means that i already run both of them.

thank you

You are making an assumption - I suggest that the fields you believe are indicating the routine has been run have an issue with them - perhaps there is an issue that in certain circumstances they are selected but it does not mean the routines are run.

Also have you gone to the registers? I am assuming these are item journals and negative amounts, but what is the source document and what does it look like?

A screen share is where MS support dial in and look at your system, if you have sent it to them then this is slightly different, obviously takes longer!

well, i am not assuming anything, as i did run these 2 routines myself to check, as i also thought at first glance that something must be wrong with these 2 fields, but was is not, this didn’t change anything.

these are negtaive adjustments entries created from the Item Journal, and when you navigate these entries, you’ll find normal enrtries (ILE & VLE) but with no GL created as any normal item adjustments and that’s the issue, the cost exists on the VLE but is not posted to GL.

thank you

Sorry but you never confirmed you ran them, hence my insistence you did!

Okay so you know one VLE with a zero is related to an ILE - if you go to this ILE and view the VLE how many are there and what does it look like?

Any modifications on negative journals of any time to zero cost them in set circumstances?

“Any modifications on negative journals of any time to zero cost them in set circumstances?” i didn’t understand this part

when u navigate the ILE which have VLE with cost not posted to GL, they all have 1 VLE which mean no adjustment entries, except for only one which was different, this one had an adjustment entry and these adjustement is posted to GL

Basically are there any modifications to item journals or the posting routines?

The VLE pictured shows the cost not being posted but an adjustment being made, in standard circumstances the cost posted to GL would be updated after the routines. So the question becomes why it was not posted to the GL. I presume there are no modifications and no one has been playing with the inventory parameters, so it is a set of circumstances that must be discovered, but it is not something we can hope to achieve here unless another user has encountered the same and had it resolved.

Let us know what Microsoft say!

yes i agree with you, i want to know why this situation happened, it only started happening one month back, my customer reported something like that to me and i couldn’t find out why, but i manged to resolve it by entring the VLE no. that was not posted in table no. 5811 Post Value Entry to G/L and run the Post Cost to GL report and it was fine, but i was worried that this might happen again, and it did, so i decided to report it to Microsoft and ask you guys here maybe someone has faced this before

anyway, i’ll post Microsoft reply when they get back to me

thank you Adam for your replies.

So the obvios question is - what happened a month ago?

i don’t know, we didn’t change anything related to inventory setup.

I would guess you applied a hotfix, or a modification, or did some development - these tend not to happen by magic when no one changes anything after years of successful processing [:D]