Cost centre and Dimensions

I wish to use the Correct dimensions throgh chart of accounts to get accurate cost centre wise results. can you please help me by sending some format in excel to how i can get best use of the cost centre concept.


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Each company have different structure and different cost centers,so it not possible for anyone to give you format .You itself need to design the dimensions and attached to correct Account to get proper reporting by discussing with Business Users.


Dear Anmol,

Thanks for your reply, actually, am looking for a standard model used in any engineering mnufacturing company, which will suit to us after necessary modifications. The main idea is to get the exact format for getting complete results.

please help!!



You have marked this as resolved, so no one else will look at it.

There is no standard for an engineering company, all COA are different, all have different reporting metrics. Whilst similarties will exist they will be different to how they structure revenue, costs, inventory. You need to do two things:

  1. Understand what NAV does to be able to apply it

  2. Understand what the business wants to achieve.

With 2 you need to sit with them and model it. If you want to somehow drive them a set way then I suggest you sit down and make it up.