Cost-Center wise Profit and Loss Statement

Could some expert here help me to print the cost-center wise profit and loss statement? I have tried with various combinations of dimension focuses, row definitions but still no luck.
I want to have a statement in this format

Cost Center Ledger Account Amount (Dr/Cr)
A Sales Pens -1000
Sales pencils -2000
Cost of Sales Pens 500
Cost of Sales Pencils 1000
Salaries 1100

B Sales Pens -2000
Sales pencils -4000
Cost of Sales Pens 1000
Cost of Sales Pencils 2000
Salaries 2200

Could someone please guide me to the full setup of dimension focuses, row definition and financial statement?

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried by creating dimension focus on Cost Center and Ledger Account???(Cost Center and Ledger Account)

Try this…

Create a row definition with this focus. In the Structure Designer - In dimension tab you will be able to see only the cost centers - drag one cost center on to the designer and go to Accounts tab and drag the accounts into that designer under the cost center. Repeat it for all the cost centers…

Or if you have already defined structure for Income statement(P/L statement) - after dragging the Cost center go the structures tab, drag and add the respective structure to the cost center…

Thanks [:)]

It worked.