Dear All, We are doing invoicing through axapt. Consumption for this invoice is from FG ware house, In this warehouse we won’t keep any stock, How much is requoired that much only we will keep.Stock to this fg warehouse is done through production order. But we dont want to end the production order(Also dont want do costing). So in sale order packing slip is getting posted, But while Invoicing, I am getting Error saying That COST AMOUNT IS KNOWN OJNLY FOR ZERO IN STOCK If i maintain Extra stock i am not getting any error…

Can you find a way for this…

Thanks in advance

So why post in the NAV developers forum if this is an AX general question? I will move it for you.

Anyway so you have zero stock of components, do you have zero output of finished goods in the warehouse? It is not clear.

Are you getting the message at invoicing when you have zero stock to sell? Do you allow negative inventory? Do you have physical value included in the cost of the item? If you do the cost of the item of physically updated items is used in the average cost calcualtion. Is the error preventing the shipment of goods or the invoicing?

You will not get the message if you have stock presumably becasue you have no zero stock, so the cost amount is known.

I would guess the model group has physical value selected, and as you have none it cannot assign the cost to alter the average, so my question would be why do you have this selected in the environment you are processing in?

Thanks for immediate reply,

I am gettingg this error while Invoicing only. I have checked there is no cost amount for the finished good. I have not enabled the negative inventory. If i do costing for the perticular production order, I am notgetting the error while posting.

And is the physical value selected?

You will not get costing errors on production order as it is presumably the output that is not costed as this is what you are invoicing, although it is not that clear to be honest.