Cost Amount(actual) is zero after Adjust Cost

Hi, We run the adjust cost batch job in our client’s database. Then when I look at the item ledger entries, there are some sales entries where the Cost Amount (actual) field still showing 0. However, the value entries related to this ledger entry have unit cost values. Is it normal? I can see no difference with the other ledger entries. Why can this happen? We are using 3.70A. And costing method is average. Thanks in advance

Hi Didem Manufactured parts or purchased? Have a look at the item associated with the sale, drill down on the cost amount filed of the item ledger entry. Does it have a purchase receipt and purchase invoice line? The likelihood is that the goods were created with a zero unit cost, the goods were then received in with the expected cost of 0 and until the invoice is posted through for the goods the cost of these in the system will remain at zero. This is also the case where components are used in manufactured items and the purchased components have not had the invoices processed against them yet.

Hi, The items are manufactured. All the purchase invoices for their components are posted.

Hi The only other explanation then is that the production order is still released - finish it and run the adjust cost item entries.