"Correction of Remaining Amount" in Detailed Ledger Entry

There is an Entry Type “Correction of Remaining Amount” in Detailed Customer or Detailed Vendor Ledger Entry. This entry type is happening to one of my case here but I just do not have the idea on how this could happens. [*-)]

I have the scenario as below: (My setting is LCY=Riggit Malaysia)

Detailed Vendor Ledger Entry on an Invoice of USD2,887

Date EntryType DocType Currency Amount AmountLCY Factor Entry No. Remark

31/03/2010 Initial Entry Invoice USD 2887 9844.67 3.41 65

15/05/2010 Application Payment USD -2887 -846.63 641

30/04/2010 Unrealized Loss USD -433.05 528 Rev with rate 3.26

15/05/2010 Unrealized Loss Payment USD 433.05 639

15/05/2010 Correction of Payment USD -8998.04 643


Detailed Vendor Ledger Entry on a Payment of USD 2,887, which applied fully to invoice above

15/05/2010 Initial Entry Payment USD -2887 -9411.62 3.26 638

15/05/2010 Application Payment USD 2887 846.63 642

15/05/2010 Realize Gain Payment USD 0 8564.99 640

Just wonder how the system computes the AmountLCY on Entry No. 640, 641, 642 and 643. Appreciate if anyone can help me on this [;)]

My Exchange Rates setup on USD is:

Starting Date Exchange Rates Amount Relational Exchange Rates Amount

01/04/2010 1 3.26

Hi, Bryan

I’ve seen this happen a few times when a payment in a foreign currency is applied against more than one invoice.

The purpose of this entry should be, according to my experience, to balance the sum of the splitted payment in local currency against the sum of invoices, usually for a few cents.

What looks strange in your scenario is that the payment is not splitted, but fully applied to a sole invoice. Anyway, something must be wrong - why is the applied amount in local currency is 846.63 instead of 9411.62?

Hi Anna,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, there was something not right on the Currency Factor as I was doing data migration and getting the wrong value on the Currency Factor. [:P]