Correction must be the same for all lines

I’m getting a message “Correction must be the same on all lines for the same document” when I try to post both a negative debit amount and the positive debit amount under the same document number in a General Journal (in two lines). I’d like everything to be under the same document number so that Navigate gives me all information afterwards. What is the logic behind this constraint? (I can get the same thing if I use a transit account and post in two steps - first a negative debit amount from the original G/L account to the transit balancing account and then a positive credit amount from a transit account to the target balancing account.) Vedrana


What is the logic behind this constraint?
Originally posted by valcica - 2006 May 18 : 06:24:57

Hello Vedrana, this is just to avoid posting “wrong” journal batches where only part of the document is accidentally marked with “correction”. If the correction lines amount to zero then you can post the batch by filtering correction out, and posting the correction afterwards. The resulting entries will have different transaction numbers, though. And it only works if you do not have a posting no. series in the journal batch name. greetings Jens

Thank you!