Corrected or edited value that has posted to G/L

Dear All,
I would like to ask you about transaction recorded in chart of account (G/L) could be edited/corrected or not. If I can’t how to corrected the value posted there…?
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in most of the countries, that is considered as illegal action. why would you correct g/l entries. if they are wrong you must make correction entries.

I believe in v4 in certain cases you can use standard undo functionality. In other cases, you need to make correcting postings using exisiting functionality. As mentioned, I would definitely not approve deleting g.

yes, don’t ever delete a GL entry or any Ledegr Entry. Instead use the General Journals to post a correction for that.

You can keep the same document No. and Posting Date. This will also give you the history of what’s been going on with that particular posting.


Dear Missnavision and all,

Tku for your reply, but I also can use reverse function if I post wrong sign, for example, payment from company to a bank, do I must use general journal or directly go to the ledger entry that drilled down from a value in the net change column and then using reverse sign function…?

Can general journal be used in all G/L entries that have values wrong posted…?

If I can, how to recover all entries instead of line per line in the table of general journal…?


Dear kdm,

tku for your ans. but could you tell me the existing functionality…?

You can use the general journal for corrections, but you need to fill it in, with the reversal option you can reverse a whole journal, to do this through the general journal you have to key every line, which I think answers your question.

There is no legal way to correct ALL entries (whatever that means).

If you need to correct ALL entries, it might be easier to start a new database (company).

Otherwise you need to do the correction entries in the same way as you did the wrong entries. Just with reversed sign.

Dear Thomas, Steven,

tku, but I actually can use reverse sign but if I want to replace the value, I will use the general journal after reverse sign of the value isn’t it…?



I think the answer is yes but with the phrasing of the question, if it is one, I am not sure, and therefore suggest you simply try what you have in mind and see, loading the journal will be quicker than entering replies in here [:D]

Dear Steven, all,

It’s nice to hear your answer. I think this topic is closed now.



undo option is not working in many options… u can use correction or reversal entries only.

Know what, folks?

One of the most difficult things we have to face in Italy when we start a new installation is to tell the users that they cannot delete posted entries! [:P]

Last week I found myself in the bizzarre situation to have to teach a bunch of accountants how to post a reversal entry - they didn’t sound as if they ever heard about such a thing - they where afraid it might not be legal! [^o)]

I dont think its just Italy.

I think its funny when people start comparing it to other systms where you can change posted documents.

I heard in Italy, the accounting local standard practices have 2 sets of accounts per company. 1 set for budgetary posting, and the other is for actual postings. Wierd… I never know what localisations are done in Italy to make that work.


Sometimes it becomes very difficult to satisfy the accounts department regarding correction or edited values that has been posted to GL as they give references to another companies where another accounting system is running & they have the options regarding deleting/editing of posted entries.

Even our Chartared accountant gives the same view regarding deletion or editing of entries. Please be noted that recently while doing audit of the financial books it has been found that posting group of various Items was wrongly selected, for example instead of consumable group it was wrongly selected as porduction group. Now if we try to reverse these thousands of entries at the end of the year it would look some kind of manipulation for Goverment.

These should be some option where we can atleast do some basic changes like GL account modification, dimension modification

They use dimensions and a condensed GL book, the latter is all the localization we need for that. Actually the second set of accounts is just a more detailed one, which allows to charge costs and credit proceeds to the right company department. Italian law doesn’t require such a detail and everybody agrees that it’s not a good idea to volunteer more information than required. So the detailed posts are summarized on totaling accounts and sent to the GL book.[:)]