Correct transfer order mistake in navision 4


I want to correct this transfer order or delete it


i can delete it from sql database(in Transfer Line and Tranfer Header), but i think something will be left in database, exists any better way?

NEVER even think about tampering with data directly by SQL scripts, bypassing Navision logic !!!

Such activities will lead to corrupt database and unpredictable results. If you have by mistake entered some transaction incorrectly and already posted it, the way to correct is entering another one, that reverses the errorenous one, or, where offered by design (mainly Journal entries), you can use the Reverse function, which creates these reversing entries for you to post.

In your particular case, create another TO, that moves the items back.

BTW, it is not a Navision issue only - I do not know any country, where deleting accounting records in any way is allowed by law. All corrections must be trackable.

The problem is that i can not post it. it gets error

and the error is? [:D]

i’ll post it :slight_smile:

when i whant to post gets error:

That I would guess is to do with the LS Retail add-on. Having no experience with it I cannot comment, but this is not standard NAV. I suggest you contact your partner, if you are the partner ask LS Retails authors. Oh and still NEVER delete in SQL [:D]