Correct a partly shipment

Just curious of the best way to handle the following scenario, either by transactions or a modification. 1) The user creates a sales Order for 100 pc. of an Item 2) The user partly ships (and maybe also invoices) 50 of these. 3) The user realizes that he made an error it should only have been 30, the problem is original ordered qty is 100 on the order, remaining on the order is 50 instead of the correct 70. furthermore the inventory is of by 20 items. What is the best/easiest way to reestablish the sales order to original ordered =100 and remaning qty to ship = 70 (the user would prefer the same Sales order number, since order confirmaiton etc. is already communicated to the customer). furthermore reflect in inventory that only 30 was shipped of from this order. Thanks.

Hello If you are running 3.60 you can do the foloowing where the shipment has not been invoiced: Posted Shipments - Functions - Undo Shipment If you are running an earlier version the shipment has to be invoiced. In all cases of invoicing the standard way to do this would be to issue a credit memo against the incorrectly shipped amount to correct the stock and amount due, but the shipped and ordered quantity on the order originally will remain, so add a second line for the incorrectly shipped amount and comment it to this affect. I am sure others will add opinions on the correcting stock and order scenario. As an aside I would look outside the system to put in place controls to reduce the risk of this scenario happening if it is a frequent occurence in the business process. I hope this helps

Hi Thanks for your response. That was what i was assuming, so 3.60 has another nice feature :slight_smile: