Copying text to the windows clipboard from C/AL

We have the need for an application that can copy text to the clipboard of windows. Internally in our organisation we have a navision database for registering all the changes we make to a standard database. This is per customer and project oriented. In our code, we allways make remarks on “who, why, when” did this particular modification occur. I would now like to standardise these comments per project. For this I would like to be able to attach comment to the project (from the project card) mark it with code ‘CC’ (Code Comment) and then when a button is pushed, send all the lines marked with ‘CC’ to the clipboard. In the application we are coding, we could then just paste the remark… Question is: Is there a way to access the clipboard from C/AL or from an OCX ??? Many thanks, Dennis Decoene Navision Developer Top-IT Molenhuisstraat 2a 9800 Deinze Belgium

Dennis, You could use an VB ocx with this statement t = Clipboard.GetText be aware of the length of t because navision does not allow strings largers than 250 chars… (but you can insert more than 1 line in NF by dividing T) Hoping to help a belgium friend… Greetings from De limburg … Kurt Juvyns Navi freak


Sorry but I don’t understand how I can use this OCX…I have to declare this in the global variable…ok…and after ? Wich component for the OCX choice?

Thanks a lot,

Steeve Le Provost

Hi Kurt,

Sorry but in fact I have a little problem with this…You told that to take care concerning the length of t because Navision does not allow strings largers than 250 chars. Ok…It’s true that I have a problem but I can’t understand your solution which consist in insert more than 1 line in NF by dividing T…What is NF ?

Do you have other solutions like :

Count_Char := STRLEN(Clipboard.GetText); → Apparently, this doesn’t work… :frowning:

IF (Count_Char < 250) THEN BEGIN blablabla END

Thanks a lot for your help

Steeve Le Provost