Copying Sales to Purchase order

We have company multiple companies X,Y

The company X creates a sales orders, then the supply team creates purchase order from the same company by copying or manually typing the line and send it to the company Y by clicking send IC purchase order from Purchase order page which create a sales order in company Y


The supply team manually type all the lines from ‘SO’ to ‘PO’ which includes comments!! I know we can use special order which will copy only lines with type = item but not comments

How can we also copy comments lines is there any way to make their life easier

We Use NAV 2016


any suggestions would be appreciated

Thank you

Do you know how to skip filters with " " type? I think, it may be 15-30 minutes task (based on your description and debugger). The main question - what function do you plan to use for Copy.

HI RedFoxUA,

can you help where i need to skip this filters on ??

The main question - what function do you plan to use for Copy.- any function that is more efficient

If you are already using the “Special order” functionality, then do as RedFoxUA suggests: Use the Debugger until you come to where it’s actually copying the lines.