Copying current database to create a test database


I am very new to the world of NAV, and am looking to teach myself as much as possible. To help my leaerning, I would like to copy our current database and use the copy as a test database. Then I can link our test company to it so that I can experiment with the object designer and other features without running the risk of manipulating any of our live data. Currently, all of our test companies are connect to the the live database. I’m fairly sure this is possible, but is it advisable?

I appreciate all suggestions and help with this.

Thank You !


Hi Jason,

Welcome to the NAV world! :slight_smile:

There are different steps to do this and when I’m describing here goes for the classic client (not three tier setup).

The easiest way is just to copy your current database, or use backup and create a restore into a new database.

In general it’s a very good idea to have a test database. In fact I always advise customers to have both a development, test and production as a minimum. This way you can do your changes in the development database. Then you can copy the changes only to the test database, and when you have approved the changes, then finally they are moved to your production database.

Thank you very much for the advice! I belive that I have the 3 teir setup. NAV lives on my application server, and my Database lives on a seperate server. So I belive that I will need the 3 tier instructions for copying the database.

Sorry for the stupid question, but Is there any way to be sure on which setup I have. I just started here and no one can find any documentation from the company that did the set up(which was 3 years ago), and that company is now out of business, so I’m trying to rebuild that documentation. What makes it a little more confusing, is that we also use RMS for our retail stores and that lives on the database server as well.

Thanks again for the help!


If it was three years ago you don’t have a three tier setup :slight_smile:

Also, you should call Microsoft and find a partner that can help support your business. Depending on your license type you won’t be able to do much in the test database (but it is still good to have one).