Copying a PO layout from NAV to BC

We are in the middle of moving from NAV to BC. Customers want the PO layout to be the same, or close to, when we switch over to BC. Is there an easy way or how do I copy the layout and fields, which i assume shouldn’t be much different, from NAV to BC?

Yes, this is possible and something I do often when upgrading base reports that have been modified in NAV. First, this assumes you are coming from a NAV version that uses RDL layouts.

  1. Save the RDL layout from NAV.

  2. In BC, create a report extension for the base report. Use the RDL layout above as the layout for this extension.

  3. Add any dataset changes to the report extension to account for any modifications in the NAV report.

  4. Make other adjustments as needed.

Depending on what version you are coming from, don’t assume nothing has changed. But this approach can often save a lot of time over redoing a cunstomized layout.

quickly and report development is, in most cases, not fast.

check this link:
How to convert Dynamics NAV reports to NAV Extensions - Simplanova

If you only have to modify the layout and the datasets and columns are the same that the one that cames out of the box in BC, you can use the Custom Report Layouts feature. You can upload your RDLC layout from the previous version (if the report was in RDLC format only) and set the custom layout as the default. Then when you run the report, it will use your custom layout instead of the original.