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Hello! When one customer copy G/L Entry to ecxel with ctrl c and ctrl v the decimalfields became text format. How can i get the columns to numeric??? I have tried replace the thousand separator with nothing but i doesnt work. I have also tried to change the thousand separator in regional settings but no luck! (This fenomenal only appears in the customer environment, I havent been able to recreate the error at work) os=xp navision=2.0 excel=2002

Select the colomn in Excel en press your right mouse button on it. Choose “Format Cells…”. Select the right categorie for you colomn. Press OK, and your finished. I understand you want to have this fully automaticly. Try creating a template Excel file inwhich they can past data. If solution above is not the thing you are looking for, reinstall Excel and hope for the best. Maybe it helps.

Hi Magnus Does this only happen with decimal figures? Or with all numeric figures? One hint: Check the format in the Excel sheet (before pasting). Perhaps the text format is the standard format. bye André

Hi, I have encountered the same problem and the solution was to either set the Digit Grouping Symbol to a dot (.) in Regional settings or if you want to have a space as thousand separator then change both Digit Grouping symbol in page Number and Currency (both exists under Regional settings). Setting the Currency Digig Grouping symbol as well as the Number Digig Grouping symbol solved my problem anyway. Best regards Daniel

The customer solved it, how I don´t know…

Now I heard the solution from the customer that they have installed the server pack 3 for office and now it works!

Hi there! Whats about this: Worksheet.Range(STRSUBSTNO(‘F%1’,Line)).Value := Total[2] / LineCounter; Worksheet.Range(STRSUBSTNO(‘F%1’,Line)).NumberFormat := STRSUBSTNO(’#%1##0%2’,ThousandsSign,DecimalSign) + ‘00’; In Line 1 i fill in the value … in Line 2 i format it. ThousandsSing and DecimalSign are read out from Excel.International(3); ← Decimal Sign Excel.International(4); ← Thousands Sign Regards, Stefan Oh … sorry missunderstood the the topic … anyway i leave it here (just for info :wink: )


Even if this is solved with the service pack, a somment on the issue (NT 4,0 /2.01b/W9x) a)If the client run Navision on a Terminal-like system (fx Citrix) the dots convert figures into “txt”. This can be resolved by search (dot)and replace (blank) function in Excel. b)In Excel replace “txt” figures with numbers use the : cell=value(reference of the cell with the “txt”) formular to create the numbers and copy to other cells. Gert Lettorp


Originally posted by rambo299
The customer solved it, how I don´t know…

I think he does not know that too.[:)]

In Polish version of Windows the solution is: 1. Set Reginal setting to another country 2. Set it back to Polish settings.

The problem is allways the Digit Grouping Symbol in Regional Settings. You need to replace that blank with the “correct” blank. Silly, but that’t the problem.