Copy SSRS report from AX 2012 to D365

Is there an easy way for me to grab a report I built in AX 2012 R2 and put it in D365. Recreating the classes (controller, contract, etc) were easy. I created them in D365, then copied and pasted code. I did a build and fixed and errors, but the report design I don’t want to have recreate from scratch. Can I export and import somehow or is it more complicated than that?

From a colleague:

You cannot copy report elements directly from AX 2012 to D365. But you can copy the report definition file from AX 2012 and open it in VS in D365, and then copy and paste the elements that way.

Open the report in VS in AX 2012 and open the report designer.

Right-click in the report name and select Open Containing Folder.

Save the file and copy it to the D365 Dev VM. In VS, open the file you saved and it will open in Report Designer. From there you can copy and paste elements into your new report.

Thank you for your response! A coworker of mine actually had used the LCS tool to convert everything but we didn’t use that to upgrade. The objects are there though, so we found that report, and copied it over to our environment and now I can use it. Now I’m working on getting the data to populate.