Copy / paste

Hello, Copying several thousands of records in Navision to the clipboard results in computer hanging. Copying a few hundred records is no problem at all. Does anybody know why? We are using NF 2.6E with SQL-SERVER 2000 on WIN2000 server

This is because it takes too much memory to contain these records in memory. Windows maybe trying to free some memory using the swap file. This is related to the client’s computer, not the server. What operating system and memory size you are using at the client? Usually this can be solved by adding more memory or using a dataport.

Try to reduce the count of columns before you copy. If it will again hang only a dataport will help

Hi I had to learn it needs some time to copy an larger amount of records (up to 5 minutes). Then the computer seems to freeze. But I never noticed a real hanging computer in such a case. Did you wait some time in your case? bye André

I agree with Andre, you need to define “Hang”. How many records are you reading? I think you are just impatient. Obviously you are not going to do this on an ongoing basis, it will only be during upgrades or fixes etc, so installing more ram is not a solution. In any case, watch your swap file, and see if it is growing whilst you are copying. Also look a the server, and see if it is sending data to the client. When this stops, it has hung, but almost certainly your first error will be a swp file message saying that you are out of disk space, if you haven’t got that message, then as Andre says, you are just impatient.

You are right. It is not true that Navision is hanging. It just takes a long time. Copying 50.000 records with 20 columns to the clipboard takes longer then 1 hour (I aborted after 1 hour). The hardware we’re using is sufficient I guess. (clientmachines are 2,2 Ghz with 512 MB ram) Is this normal timing (> 1 hour for 50.000 records) and should I use a dataport instead or is something configured wrongly?

Question is : What purpose are you copying that amount of data and where are you copying it to ?? Extracting to a file may be the solution by use of a dataport for that amount of data. Dean Axon