Copy document function from one company to another company.

I want copy document from one company to another.

Which document function? Functions are inside objects, which are shared between the different companies in a database.
So exactly what do you want to do?

Dear Erik,

i want copy a for eg : invoice from one from one company to another.

No need to copy. Everything is in the same database. You just need to change the report selections, i.e. Sales Report Selection, if you have used a different report.

i think you didn’t get my point, if i create a sales order in company A and i want to copy the all field data to company B.

You are quite right, I didn’t get your point. You’re not very good at explain yourself, when you talk about copying a document function, without any other details… Don’t expect people to be able to read your mind. Please be specific!

But I’m still not sure I understand what you want.

If you ie. have a sales order in one company, that you want create in a different company? For that you can use the Inter Company module. Or you want to recreate the same sales order in a different company, also as a sales order?

I want to recreate the same sales order in a different company

And exactly what is the business requirement? What happens to the sales order in company 1? Do both companies ship the order? The normal flow would be SO → PO (in company 1) → SO in company 2.
The is no function or process in NAV which can export/copy a sales order, to turn it into a sales order in a different company. But if I had such a (strange) requirement, then I would assume that the inter company functionality could be customized to do it.

Just as transferring/copy a customer from one company to another company requires that all the “codes” etc. used by related tables are in both systems for it to work, then doing it with orders makes this challenge even bigger. It’s not enough to transfer the base records, you also need to map or synchronize everything related.

If you’re new to coding in NAV, then this is going to be a project which will take you months of work to complete. Well at least if you do it to the standards by customers normally expect from me.