Copy data in Service Tax G/L entry

Hello developers,

I did some development in codeunit 12 for copying a customized field (named NARRATION) from purchse header/sales header/Gen journal to G/Lentry/Vend ledger entry/cust ledger entry. It work fine except for the G/L which is hitting because of Service Tax from Purchase order. Can anyone tell me where is the coding for the data getting copied to this particular G/L?

Hope I have made it clear

Do you want to add that field in Service tax entry table or G/L entry table ?

I want to add the field in G/L Entry table for that entry which hits “Service Tax Receivable Account”. For all other G/L Entries i.e. TDS or vat its coming but only for G/L Entry which belong to this particular “Service Tax Receivable Account” its not coming.

and this is the function which i added in last of Codeunit 12 (& i called this fucntion 3 times in codeunit 12 i.e. one for G/L Entry, once for Vend ledger & once for cust ledger)

CopyNarration() : Text[250]


gtx_Narration := ‘’;

lrc_GenJournalNarration.SETRANGE(“Journal Template Name”, “Journal Template Name”);

lrc_GenJournalNarration.SETRANGE(“Journal Batch Name”, “Journal Batch Name”);

lrc_GenJournalNarration.SETRANGE(“Document No.”, “Document No.”);

IF lrc_GenJournalNarration.FINDFIRST THEN

gtx_Narration := gtx_Narration + lrc_GenJournalNarration.Narration;

IF NOT lbn_NarrationFound THEN BEGIN

CASE GenJnlLine.“Source Type” OF

GenJnlLine.“Source Type”::Customer:


lrc_SalesInvoiceHeader.GET(“Document No.”);

gtx_Narration := lrc_SalesInvoiceHeader.InvNarration;


GenJnlLine.“Source Type”::Vendor:


lrc_PurchInvHeader.GET(“Document No.”);

gtx_Narration := lrc_PurchInvHeader.InvNarration;




EXIT(COPYSTR(gtx_Narration, 1, 250));

After running Debugger I saw that the code jumps to end after this line

IF NOT lbn_NarrationFound THEN BEGIN

i.e. it checks the above condition & the condition is true i.e. lbn_NarrationFound is 0 and it skips rest all code… any idea why?

What i understand is that the gtx_Narration is playing the main role of carring the data. First gtx_Narration is getting data added from lrc_GenJournalNarration.Narration then the same is overwritting by lrc_SalesInvoiceHeader.InvNarration and then with lrc_PurchInvHeader.InvNarration. Debug the code again and check the values which are passing and if it is getting blank somewhere.

While debugging I saw that when the G/L Account of service tax is running then the GenJnlLine.“Source Type” is empty while my coding is depend on “Source Type” only. I wonder why is this SOURCE TYPE empty?