Converting from Oracle Financials to Navision

Is anyone aware of a conversion package to migrate data from Oracle Financials to Navision 4.0?

Hi Mark, there definitely is not a conversion package, and its very unlikely, that there will be. The whole struture of Oracle is something totally differnet. What you may be able to find is an Oracle to Navision conversion tool kit, but in the end, this is very much a manual process. I have done many conversions to Navision, and believe me there is no short cut. If you want consulting advise, no problem, my email is here. But there is no magic wand. If you are planning on moving from Navision to Oracle, its a matter of sitting down mapping everything out, and converting accross. One piece of advise, is that comning from Oracle, you will probably find the conversion process much smoother if you use the SQL backend.

David, Well, that’s a bummer. I’ve managed a support for OFA in past lives and am now managing Navision implementations. I was hoping something was out there to jump start the data migration. Oh well. Thank you for the feedback. I do appreciate it. Regards, Mark

You are welcome Mark, conversion is a big task, no ne to take lightly. If you need help and guidance, you are in the right place.

Mark, I agree with David. But there must be somebody out there that has been involved in this process before! Or maybe there is now a golden opportunity!!! Because of the flexibity of the systems then I think you should look for a partner who has experience of doing the migration you want or something very similar. Have you searched this and other sites for related postings?

Hi Jonathan, I am not sure what you mean by “has gone through this process before” I assume you mean specifically moving a clionet form Oracle to Navision. In reality, the architectures are so differnet, that all your previous experience with Oracle is going to provide, is a customer, vendor Item datanbase, and some core history data. I see tha MS have an opportnit with Green to concider migration paths as piece of core techology, but choosing a solution center based ont he fact that they have done an Oracle conversion before woud be a huge mistake for any client.

Hi David, I mean someone with experience of completing a migration project between Oracle and Navision. At one time in the UK there were developers with good experience of migrating several clients from SageLine500 to Navision. Previously I have migrated data from JDEdwards to Navision Currently I am working on interfaces between SAP and Navision. I am not (yet) an expert but given time and opportunity it is possible to understand the data structures in the corresponding databases and with some intelligence (usually borrowed), some luck, help from product partners and a systematic approach I know that successful migrations are possible.

Yes Jonathan, I agree in that aproach, if you can learn the intricacies and details of a particular cometitive product, then there would be agreat market for you to seel that skill set and assist Clients in going live by converting from say Oracle to Navision. But ther e are more significant factors to look at. 1/ You need to do at least 5 and preferenable 10 conversions from Oracle before one is a true expert, and you need three skiled persons on that product. 2/ The skill set is not usable enough for an NSC to have this as an in house department (unless they are currently an Oracle house moving over to Navsion, and thus have th eclient base). 3/ How can yo sell the skill set. NSCs are not generally willing to outsource their income streams, so its prett hard to get them to work togheter with you. (Unless the NSC is a start up, but in that case, how long will the market last). 4/… it goes on. Point is Jonathan, you are 100% correct in what you say, but how do you put together a working business model. Of course if all Navision clients searched for alternate third party consulting BEFORE they went live, it would be a different matter.