Converting from 3xx to Financials

Is it possible for someone who has never worked with the textversion of Navision (but a lot in Financials) to transfer the programming changes from 3xx to Financials ? Are there deep differences in Code and Environment?

I guess it will be somewhat challenging, but I think if your 3.xx is heavily customized a full rewrite of the customizations in Financials might be a LOT easier than doing a traditional object upgrade of the objects.

Hi, I think Tarek’s comments are 100% valid, and they are not only valid if your 3.xx are heavily customized - they are valid in ALL cases of a conversion from 3.xx to NF. The main reasons for this is that a lot of the functionality has been changed and enhanced from 3.xx to NF, and most likely your business requirements have changed since your 3.xx customizations were implemented. Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S

Pablo Picasso: Tom Wickstrom ( has done several 3.5# to 2.# conversions. Although located in the U.S., he may be able to save you some cost on doing a conversion because of his experience.