converting form to pages

While using NAV 2009 R2, I had imported stylesheet tool in NAV and used it for creating new stylesheets. But nowadays i have been using NAV 2013 Beta and the forms have been reduced in it due to which i am unable to use the stylesheet tools because they are in forms and i need pages to work on NAV 2013. So would like to have some help to solve this problem. i have searched for different tools to convert forms to pages but i could find nothing. is it possible to convert these forms of stylesheet tools to pages.???

who created those objects?

If they are not standard objects released by Microsoft then you have to create Pages Manually…

Or contact the company who delivered them…

I have downloaded the Stylesheet tool from the msdn and it worked properly for NAV 2009 R2 but they are forms so it cant be used in NAV 2013 which is the main problem for me. are there any such tools for NAV 2013 as well?? would appreciate the response

As we have NAV2013 Beta only I am not sure whether they have released all tools also… And I am not sure which tool you are talking about… Are they difficult one’s to transform manually…

Hi Suman,

Did you ever find a solution to your problem? If you did, would you mind sharing it with us and if any of the posted answers helped you on the way, then please verify them.

Thank you.

Hi Suman,

The official style sheet tool for Dynamics NAV 2013 is still not there. Microsoft has announced that they are working on it. It was expected in March 2013, but since then I have heard or seen nothing.

But there is a partner who created it as an unofficial release:

I found this post by Microsoft employee that Stylesheet for NAV2013 is ready but we need to contact support team for that.

Yes, its true

Stylesheets tool is available for NAV2013, we received it from Microsoft today but MS mentioned that it can have bugs and MS won’t provide support.