Convert Text to Integer

Hye again, I need help to resolve this problem… We write in a magnetic Card a string with a “Ref Number”. Later we want to read from the card the string and with this “Ref Number” search a record from a table where the Ref Number is the primary key. var ReadRef as text Mytable primary key is RefNumber as Integer How can I do a Mytable.GET(ReadRef)? In VisualBasic and C++ we can do it with a ToInt() instruction Exists something similar in C/AL code?

Not a problem: Create a Varible; i.e. MyInteger Then… Evaluate(MyInteger,MyText); MyTable.get(MyInteger);

If you want to avoid the possibility of a run-time error: If evaluate(YourInt,YourString) then begin //do something here; end else begin //your error message or error handling here end; [8D]

Thank you very much… your solution it’s ok. Regards.