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Good Day to all.

As you aware that Converting Sales Quot. to a Sales Order is simple but I did not find any option doing Convert Sales Order to Sales Invoice (Without Posting the Sales Invoice).

I’ve seen one developer made that in NAV 2016 ( Adding new Button (Action) in the Sales Orders Page and Sales Order Cards). Just doing the same by copying the sales Order and Creating the Sales Invoice then Delete the Sales Order.

Thanks in advance for help.

You’re right, there is no action to create invoice from an order, but I guess you can use the “Copy Document” function in this case. Create an invoice and copy order data into the new invoice.

If you need an action button in the order card, then it’s a bit of coding, as you described in the question. You’ll need to automate copying in the code.

You will be making Sales Invoice from an Order?

If you just need Sales Invoice directly create Sales Invoice why then sales Order?

If you do Shipping from Order then you are suppose to do Invoicing, if separately you will do invoicing then you need to go with another process to delete the Order?